Wednesday, February 13, 2013

SportDog TEK 1.0 Locator Trainer System –Review

I was introduced to the SportDog TEK  1.0 Locator Trainer System over the weekend at the Region 7 NGSPA Championship. And I must say I am kicking myself for buying the Garmin over this model.

The primary reason I bought the Garmin over the SportDog is that I did not need a combination unit as I already have a SportDog e-collar. And primarily because I did not think the Locator Trainer combination was legal for AKC field trials.

The combination COLLAR is illegal, however what I do not read in any of the sales material is that the e-collar complete with its antenna are completely removable with only a couple of screws. So for less money than the Garmin Astro GPS a person can get both e-collar and GPS. It in fact just rides as a separate unit atop the location collar. 

Even better, the handheld unit has programmable buttons. So the user can custom configure a button to be momentary, continuous, or escalating pulse… along with what seems like infinite control of intensity.

If you don’t want to remove the e-collar portion to run field trials, then you can buy an extra locator collar for under $160.

I was told the package also comes with a longer range antenna, but I personally did not get to use that feature.

For me I hope the collar helps with my dog being collar wise, as his training and running field trials will be in virtually the same collar. Surely that will fool my dog.

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